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Products- Grounding

SOS can provide an Earth Ground Resistivity Study to determine your site's earth bonding potential. SOS then can install and test your site's ground system to eliminate or reduce the effects of ground loops that cause data loss and hardware damage.

Chemical Ground Rods and grounding accessories.

Site grounding products and accessories.

Lyncole manufactures the grounding system that the rest of the industry tries to emulate, the XIT™ system. Developed over 30 years ago, the XIT™ system remains the industry standard.

Lyncole partners with other industry leaders to provide the best products for electrical protection; Leviton for AC Surge Suppression, Polyphaser for RF and Microwave Protection, manufacturers for lightning protection products, thermOweld for exothermically welded connections.

Straight Shaft

Connector Kits
Test Kits
Bus Bars
Cover Boxes
Lynconite II Backfill
Leviton Transient Voltage Surge Supressors

AEMC 4500 - Digital Ground Resistance Tester
AEMC 4620 - 4 Point Ground Resistance Tester
AEMC 4630 - 4 Point Ground Resistance Tester
AEMC 3711 - Clamp-On Digital Ground Resistance Tester
AEMC 3731 - Clamp-On Digital Ground Resistance Tester
AEMC Data Loggers
AEMC F1N - Clamp-On Digital RMS Meter
AEMC F3N - Clamp-On Digital RMS Meter
Megger DET 5/4R
Megger DET 2/2
Megger DET 6/2
Lyncole Accessory Test Kits

GRM 2000 RS



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