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Products- MCG Surge Suppression/TVSS

Building Entry Protection:

XT Models
Main Building Entry Location
Ipeak= 400kA - 200kA

M Series
Main Service & Branch Panel Location
Ipeak = 160kA - 120kA

Mid-Building Protection:

Surge Free (Non-Modular)
Branch & Local Panel Location
Ipeak= 160kA - 120kA

Integral TVSS - MFP Series
Designs in at the Distribution Panel
Ipeak= 160kA - 120kA

Surge Free (Non-Modular)
Branch & Local Panel Location
Ipeak= 80kA - 40kA
400 Series OEM Protection
Equipment Location
Ipeak = 10kA

Transformer Based Power Filters from Smart Power Systems

Smart Power Systems' Revolutionary TBF™ Series of Power Filters provide the performance of an $900 isolation transformer at a fraction of the cost!

By combining noise filtration and surge suppression technology, Smart Power Systems has been able to reduce Common Mode Noise to less than 1 Volt, while limiting Normal Mode Noise to an industry standard setting <10Volts in Normal mode. The addition of Smart Power Systems' patent pending Smart Sensor Technology further increases the safety of the TBF™ by providing protection from long duration over voltages. All in a package that retails for less than $100.00

TBFs REDUCE: • Error Codes • Service Calls • Screen Lock-ups • Data Corruption • PC Board Damage

TBFs INCREASE: • Uptime • Product Life Span • Productivity



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