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Need a UPS for a short period of time while a new one is being shipped? We offer rental units that cover most basic applications. From single phase 120V to 3-phase 480V, we have something that might fit your temporary need. kVA and kW ranges per UPS, please let us know what your run time requirements are for a perfect fit. Click for a sample of our rental units.


Think your UPS runtime is not enough? We have rental generator sets available to run as long as you are able to supply fuel! Generator sets normally have 24 hour tanks at full load, let us look at your load to decide which unit is right for you. Click for a sample of our rental units.

Computer Air

These days, computer air conditioning is just as important as power quality. We have 1 to 10 ton rental units available for emergency cooling needs. Are there hot spots in your data center that are causing problems? Use one of our rental units until you can repair your cooling system or diagnose an air flow problem. Click for a sample of our rental units.

Power Quality

Portable power quality testing, troubleshooting power and case studies. We use these during every startup, PM and Load bank testing. Written Reports Available. (Click for Sample) Power Quality Analysis Surveys exclusively utilizing the RPM Power Recorder, SOS can record the quality and quantity of power at your site to determine what is the right solution to your power problem.




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