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Reliable Power Meter Surveys

What is the RPM? The Portable Power Recorder accurately records and analyzes many power measurements all at the same time, and is the one tool you can use for all your power studies. The system lets you perform a variety of measurements simultaneously without swapping hardware or software modules. It can be installed anywhere for either portable or permanant power studies, even in the most hostile industrial environments.

How Does is Work? Key Features- 4 voltage channels for all single phase, three phase wye and three phase delta systems
5 full time current channels to monitor currents on all phase, neutral and ground conductors simultaneously
Lightweight, rugged, compact, 12" x 8", 13 lbs
Ethernet port for high speed transfer of data to your IBM compatible PC
Internal memory: 20MB RAM, and 2.1 GB hard disk
Internal digital processor simultaneously measures RMS, consumption, and power disturbances on every cycle

Why do you need it? Reliable Power Meters' patented Full Disclosure technology captures all power information such as sags, swells, transients, harmonics, flicker, and power consumption in great detail. The Power Recorder compares this data over time. Incipient problems can be highlighted and users can take appropriate action to avoid costly shutdowns.

How do I get it? The Reliable Power Meter can be purchased along with software for use at your own plant or facility. We also have rental units that technicians can come out and set up for you to monitor a problem panel. Let us know what problem you are trying to figure out, and our professionals will find a solution for you.

Example Screenshot of RPM data

Example reports generated by Sterling Oakes Services and RPM

Split single phase house, having problems with the power spiking for no reason. Voltage screenshots start around page 36.

APC UPS Input load bank session. This has varied steps of load along with mains outages, generator transfers, and load steps while on generator.

APC UPS Output load bank session. This has varied steps of load along with mains outages, generator transfers, and load steps while on generator.

Generator load bank session. Varied steps of load for hours, a test requested before commissioning a new engine package.

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