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Sterling Oakes Services, Inc. can help you with all of your UPS needs.  We can troubleshoot problems on any brand UPS, perform factory trained PM's for APC and Active Power, and verify proper operation of any brand with testing equipment.  Load banking services are also available for mission critical sites or commissioning.


We perform site startups, resistive load bank testing, Quarterly Maintenance, Power Quality Testing.

UPS, Generator, ATS and Battery Plant Testing SOS can completely test and accurately measure the reliability, capability and capacity of your entire back-up power system.

Catalyst Power Independent Enterprise Power Specialist- Pinnacle and Pinnacle Plus 50kW Natural Gas Peak Shaving Genset

Depot Repair

Perform battery checks and replacements every two years.  Replace fans and capacitors every three years.  Fix non working UPS's and generators.  Cost analysis of repair vs. replace.  Sterling Oakes Services operates a full time repair, calibration and test facility for all types and brands of power supplies.  AC, DC, Switch Mode, Linear, Hybrids, UPS, Power Conditioners and Frequency Converters

Factory Authorized Repair Center- SOS is the only factory authorized repair center for the Elgar Global UPS system.

Power Quality

Portable power quality testing, troubleshooting power and case studies.  We use these during every startup, PM and Load bank testing. Written Reports Available. (Click for Sample) Power Quality Analysis Surveys exclusively utilizing the RPM Power Recorder, SOS can record the quality and quantity of power at your site to determine what is the right solution to your power problem.

Flir IR -IR Thermographic Imaging utilizing the Infrared Spectrum, SOS can help locate and identify problems (and more importantly pending problems) that can only be detected with the latest in temperature measuring techniques.

EMI / RFI Interference and Emissions Testing- Comprehensive testing to determine the quantity and intensity of Electromagnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Interference.

Surge/Lightning Suppression

We can service and repair most types of surge suppression. We prefer MCG.

Lightning Protection SOS can arrange to have your facility configured to reduce or eliminate the possibility of damage as a result of close proximity lightning strikes

Site Grounding

SOS can provide an Earth Ground Resistivity Study to determine your sites earth bonding potential. SOS then can install and test your sites ground system to eliminate or reduce the effects of ground loops that cause data loss and hardware damage.

Battery Cabinets

Battery Cabinet Maintenance, battery impedance testing with midtronics tester, battery room and rack maintenance including wet cells. UPS/PDU/Battery Plant Maintenance 7X24 emergency service available. Scheduled Preventive Maintenance for most popular back-up power systems available upon request.

Battery Replacement

APC- OEM Replacement Battery Cartridges

Panasonic, Yuasa, Rocket, Interstate, PowerSonic-Available for all UPS Systems from 200VA to 1000kVA

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