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About Us

Our Mission

Sterling Oakes Services is committed to excellence in critical power system design, implementation, integration, testing, training and service. 

Sterling Oakes Services has been supporting our clients from project concept to continuous service since 1992 to develop, improve and maintain electrical systems.   Sterling Oakes Services specializes in designing, implementing, installation supervision, start-up, commissioning and troubleshooting not only individual equipment but entire sites. Sterling Oakes Services has developed best practices from our experiences commissioning critical power systems as well as handling ongoing maintenance work. Over ninety percent of our business is derived from repeat customers who entrust us with their critical power systems and are pleased with our commitment, performance and dedication to quality and reliability.   

Sterling Oakes Services believes in the highest level of quality and performance testing.  Sterling Oakes Services is not only a service company committed to delivering superior service, we also rigorously inspects and tests critical power equipment prior to recommending it to our clients. Our decades of hands on experiences and dedication to quality put Sterling Oakes Services in a unique position to be able to conduct this study and document the processes and procedures required.    

Our Company


After serving in the U.S. Air Force, Bud Oakes graduated from U.C. Berkley with a Master's Degree in Geology.  Bud taught Paleontology before accepting a job with Union Oil of California where here worked in Cut Bank Montana followed by Casper Wyoming.  Bud signed on with Atlantic Richfield and transferred to Corpus Christi Texas as their Chief Geologist for the Gulf Coast.  Then went to Jakarta Indonesia and became the Chief Geologist for all of South East Asia and then to Lafayette Louisiana where he was the Vice President of Exploration for all of Atlantic Richfield. 

Bud retired from Atlantic Richfield in 1992 and formed Sterling Oakes Services with his eldest son Jeff Oakes. Bud brought his vast experience of the earth, project management, and business combined with Jeff’s experience with power in all of its forms to start Sterling Oakes Services.

Sterling Oakes Services assisted Al Warner with Best when the first Silcon UPS was started in this country.  It was done with a 50 Hz generator.

Sterling Oakes Services was in the first training class for service of the Unity 3 phase Silcon UPS.

The original model for the High Power Partner (HPP) was Lee Technologies and Sterling Oakes Services.  

Sterling Oakes Services was in the first training class for both sales and service for the APC Silcon UPS.

Sterling Oakes Services sold and started the first APC Silcon in the United States with Scott Blackman.

Sterling Oakes Services had successfully paralleled five 40 kW then 240kW UPS’s with less than 1% load share between them.

Bud led Sterling Oakes Services until his death in 2012.  Jeff Oakes continues to run the business.

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