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Sterling Oakes features a complete portfolio of services and products to address all of the issues affecting the quality and reliability of your critical electrical power systems.​

Sterling Oakes Services specializes in design, implementation, project management, start-up, commissioning, and troubleshooting of individual equipment and entire sites.  Over ninety percent of our business is derived from repeat customers who entrust us with their critical power systems and are pleased with our commitment, performance, and dedication to quality and reliability.  

Sterling Oakes Services believes in the highest level of quality and performance testing.  Sterling Oakes Services is not only committed to delivering superior products and services; We also rigorously inspect and test critical power equipment prior to recommending it to our clients.

  • Design Services - Design or re-design critical power systems around existing and additional new gear.  We work with Architects, General Contractors and Engineering firms to deliver the highest availability solutions for our clients.

  • Project Management - Facilitate the installation and provide performance verification for any power or power systems offered by other vendors or third party contractors.

  • Power Quality Analysis Surveys - The RPM Power Recorder is used exclusively to record the quality and quantity of power at your site to identify power issues and determine the right solution.

  • Electrical Service Installations and Upgrades – Direct complex high voltage projects and low voltage projects including security, process controls, and networking.   

  • Depot Repair Facility - Sterling Oakes Services operates a full time repair, calibration and test facility for all types and brands of power supplies.  AC – DC – Switch Mode – Linear – Hybrids – UPS – Power Conditioners – Frequency Converters

  • Preventative and Corrective Maintenance - Schedule Preventive Maintenance for UPS, PDU, Chargers/Rectifiers, Inverters, Batteries, ATS, Generator, and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) or call for 7X24 emergency services.​

  • EMI / RFI Interference – Perform comprehensive testing to determine the quantity and intensity of Electromagnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Interference.

  • Infrared Thermographic Imaging – Locate and identify problems (and more importantly hidden problems) that can only be detected with the latest in Infrared Spectrum, temperature measuring techniques.

  • Lightning Protection – Reduce or eliminate the possibility of damage as a result of close proximity lightning strikes by installing Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS).

  • Comprehensive testing of critical power systems - Completely test and accurately measure the reliability, capability and capacity of your entire back-up power system including Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Rectifier/Charger, Inverter, Generator, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and Batteries.

  • Site Grounding – Assess your site’s earth bonding potential and test the grounding system with an Earth Ground Resistivity Study.  Eliminate or reduce the effects of ground loops that cause data loss and hardware damage.​

  • Power Quality Analysis - The RPM Power Recorder is used to record the quality and quantity of power at your site to identify power issues.

  • Test Critical Power Systems - Completely test and accurately measure the reliability, capability, and capacity of your entire back-up power systems including Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Generator, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), DC Plants, Distribution, and Chargers.

  • Site Inspections – Provides pre-installation consulting services specifically tailored to address all of the factors involving long term power reliability.​​​

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